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On items being shipped to California, tax will be assessed at 7.75%. Neither is tax assessed on courses and/or seminars, nor on downloadable items.

On-Location Class Registration:

An Online Trading Academy Education Counselor, who will confirm your registration and shall also provide you with helpful information regarding your upcoming classes, shall contact you. Also, if you do not find your desired class option on the website, in all probability it has been sold out as hardly never is a class option deleted from the website if it hasn’t been sold out, fear not as your Online Trading Academy Education Counselor shall get in touch with you to discuss other class options.


Custom fees and Import taxes: 

Disclaimer: International custom fees and import taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer. Delays due to customs are not the responsibility of the Online Trading Academy.

Shipping Charges:

Done via Fedex and Fedex Home Delivery, the shipping cost/charges will be calculated in real time after you have entered your delivery address.

Other Details:

If you order a downloadable item, while you may be successful in the first attempt itself, please try at least three times as this may take time. However, if you are using a different computer to download whereas you had ordered from another PC, you will need to identify yourself by the credit card number that you used on your initial order. In this case click on the “Download” button on the left menu bar on the home page to initiate this process. 

If you have any problem downloading a product, or have any questions regarding shipping or need any other details, then please contact 'Online Trading Academy' directly via Phone:

+18883468710 (U.S.A)

+19496086028 (U.S.A)




Professional Stock Trader Library


Beginners Learn
How to Trade Stocks..!

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Learn How to Trade Forex..
FOREX Education made Simple.!

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Professional Options Trader Library


Become a Successful Options Trader.
Take this Best Options Course.!

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Important Notice - Risk Disclaimer:

Notice/Warning: This notice does not explain or disclose all kinds of risks involved in trading any kind of market, but still you must particularly note the following:

In any trading condition even a small market movement may have big impact on a customer's trading account. You should consider the fact that if the market goes against you, you may incur a loss that might be greater than the funds deposited by you. In all scenarios you are responsible for all such losses, risks and financial assets you used trading. Thus it is very important that you must not engage in trading until you understand totally the nature of trading and the transaction you are getting into and, the true extent of the exposure to the risk of loss.

There might be products & services offered in our website that may not be suitable for all types of investors or traders, therefore if you do not completely understand the risks involved using such products while investing or trading, then you must seek independent advice. All trading strategies mentioned in our products & services are to be used at your own risk and discretion. Neither Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Learn-Trade.com or its partners like: InTheMoneyStock.com nor 'Online Trading Academy' will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using any of our trading strategies/software/products/services/courses. Learn-Trade.com does not take any responsible for the losses that anyone would incur while or after using the products/services offered through us. Thus it is totally the responsibility & personal discretion of the user who takes our product/services to confirm and decide which trades to take. Trade at your own risk. This web site is made to provide general information only and the company running this website will not be responsible at all for any action taken on the basis of this work, whether directly or indirectly for any error or omission, to any person, whether a browser of this web site or not.


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Use of this website constitutes your acceptance, that you have gone through the Disclaimer mentioned in it.

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