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Finally a Simple Forex Course that Really Works.!



Learn How to Trade Currencies like a Genius.!

This informative Forex Education pack focuses on teaching both basic & advanced elements of Forex Trading. Use this Easy to Understand forex course to learn how to trade the currency market like a Pro!



What is Forex Trading?

Foreign Exchange Trading or FOREX trading, is nothing but a high-level medium of investing, and hence is more speculative and risky compared to other investments dealing in foreign currency like foreign currency deposits (FCD). Learning how to trade FOREX is a skill that is guaranteed to pay once you have got hold of it. In the FOREX market, millions of dollars change hands daily.

However, amateur traders lose the race only because of common mistakes that can be easily rectified.

It is advisable to get a professional forex education and a good forex trading system if you are really serious about learning all that there is to learn regarding FOREX trading. 30% of all traders use this system, as it is affordable and is connected to date market data round the clock so as to place automated trades on your behalf. 

An astute investor can really achieve, keeping in mind the volumes of transactions in FOREX trading, huge profits. Do you know that the average daily turnover of the FOREX market runs in trillions of dollars? The abundance of opportunities in this market can be availed of by potent investors round the clock in this 22-hour open market, spanning financial centers in Asia like Hong Kong and Singapore, to those in Europe and Americas like London, Zurich and New York. 

Getting started is all that the beginner needs to do as most systems are automated and hence no previous knowledge is required. However, if, as a beginner trader, you are uncertain about putting your money and your trust in any of these systems, you may run these systems through a practice account. 

Two reasons for these systems becoming so popular are:

  1. They react faster and more efficiently as they are constantly dialed into real time market data and so respond sooner compared to individual human traders
  2. With technology improving day-by-day, these systems make sure that you have that winning edge on your side.

Advantages of Forex trading:

  • The returns are better than any other market and it can help in managing the finances of your own.

  • The costs for starting Forex trading are a lot lower than other stocks.

  • The market is so large that no one can take advantage of it.

  • Making money is a lot easier as you can do it when the markets are increasing and decreasing.

  • There is no waiting to start in Forex trading, as it is a 24-hour market.

  • Forex trading has more leverage (buying power) than anything else.

  • Opening and closing a position in Forex trading is very affordable when compared to anything else.

  • It is very easy money and not very time consuming.

  • All you need is an Internet connection and you can trade.

  • It can get confusing when trading stocks because there is so many to choose from, in Forex you can just focus on one or two pairs.




Important Notice - Risk Disclaimer:

Notice/Warning: This notice does not explain or disclose all kinds of risks involved in trading any kind of market, but still you must particularly note the following:

In any trading condition even a small market movement may have big impact on a customer's trading account. You should consider the fact that if the market goes against you, you may incur a loss that might be greater than the funds deposited by you. In all scenarios you are responsible for all such losses, risks and financial assets you used trading. Thus it is very important that you must not engage in trading until you understand totally the nature of trading and the transaction you are getting into and, the true extent of the exposure to the risk of loss.

There might be products & services offered in our website that may not be suitable for all types of investors or traders, therefore if you do not completely understand the risks involved using such products while investing or trading, then you must seek independent advice. All trading strategies mentioned in our products & services are to be used at your own risk and discretion. Neither Ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Learn-Trade.com or its partners like: InTheMoneyStock.com nor 'Online Trading Academy' will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using any of our trading strategies/software/products/services/courses. Learn-Trade.com does not take any responsible for the losses that anyone would incur while or after using the products/services offered through us. Thus it is totally the responsibility & personal discretion of the user who takes our product/services to confirm and decide which trades to take. Trade at your own risk. This web site is made to provide general information only and the company running this website will not be responsible at all for any action taken on the basis of this work, whether directly or indirectly for any error or omission, to any person, whether a browser of this web site or not.



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